Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is rated a Category Two education provider by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), demonstrating that the government has confidence in our ability to deliver quality education. In their most recent evaluation of Pro+Med December (2019), NZQA concluded that they were: • Confident in Pro+Meds' educational performance • Confident in Pro+Meds' capability in self-assessment.

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd provide accredited Workplace Health and Safety,  Emergency Medical Training and Allied Services. Our commitment is to support our clients to meet their workplace health and safety obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. We provide quality training, medics and safety personnel, and trained standby Emergency Response Teams. Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd's pool of expertise comes from considerable experience in military, ambulance, fire, rescue, police, wilderness, industrial, mining, oil and gas and aquatic fields. We employ motivated people who are assigned work they are experienced in. Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd provides Medics and Safety Officers for public, corporate and industrial events. All staff and contractors are professionals presently practicing in their industry or have had extensive experience in their industry. 

Promed Supplies

Promed Supplies offers specialised and generic first aid kits, first aid supplies and safety equipment.

We access competitively priced medical and safety equipment for our clients. Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is also authorised distributors of ZOLL, Weinmann, Rescue Sam, LifePak, PBI Height Safety Equipment, SKED Stretchers and PPE gear. We have a vast selection of other Health and Safety Medical Equipment available.

If you are a business and require products in bulk, please contact us, otherwise, checkout our website for a great selection of products.

All our prices are GST inclusive and our product are shipped to you directly from our suppliers.