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01 Oct 2022
By : Pro+Med (NZ)

Proficiency in Medical First Aid IMO Model Course 1.14 - Provides the student with the skills and knowledge required to deliver emergency First Aid, where a mariner has been injured, or is acutely ill at sea and use those items of first aid equipment found in ship's medical outfit which are not included in the standard first aid kit. Course Duration: 32 hours


Elementary First Aid STCW IMO Course V1 1.3 - The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW95) with subsequent amendments (STCW95 & STCW 2010) requires every seafarer shall hold a valid medical certificate issued in accordance with the provisions of regulation I/9 and of Section A-I/9 of the STCW Code. Course Duration: 16 hours

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Pro+Med SmartFirst CELLAED

05 Sep 2022
By : Pro+Med (NZ)

CellAED® ensures there is always an automated external defibrillator nearby to help prevent death from a sudden cardiac arrest. Be prepared and confident to act quickly to save a life. CellAED® can be applied in seconds. It's as easy as snapping it in two, peeling the back off the adhesive and sticking it to the patient.


Revolutionary Technology now here

31 Jul 2022
By : Pro+Med (NZ)

CellAED production has started!! Check out the video link below to see them being made.

This is a real milestone for AED technology by Smart First AED Portable, easy to use, and inexpensive, meaning they are more accessible to the people who need them. We're excited to start supplying these through

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Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd are offering three MOH approved Rapid Antigen Testing kits

20 Dec 2021
By : Pro+Med (NZ)

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd are offering two MOH approved Rapid Antigen Testing kits including the ROCHE SARS-COV-2-Rapid Antigen Test and Carestart Antigen Point of Care Test COVID-19 Antigen. These tests take 10-20 minutes to complete and have minimum pack purchase. Training will be made available to businesses by our trained staff to train your staff we will continue to work alongside your  business to ensure correct procedure is carried out.