Site Safety Services

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd provides Site Safety Services throughout New Zealand

These services include:

Workplace Drug Screening

  • Pre start - of job all contractors screened,
  • Random - screening throughout project,
  • Just Cause – someone suspected of or change in work pattern
  • Post Incident – is the person / people involved demonstrating a risk to those around them or to themselves.

This keeps the non drug users knowing you are assisting in keeping the workplace behaviour safe to work in.

Industrial Medics for Shutdowns, Construction, Demolition, Remote situations and other situations
In remote locations or on Shutdowns and large Construction Projects having an appropriately qualified Medic on site can save work/production time and also helps the mindset of the contractor employees that they can be patched up quickly and if a serious event occurs appropriately qualified people are there to look after them until evacuated off site. Promed are available for short or long term contracts

Site Safety Technicians, Nat Cert H&S Level 3 and 4 trained
Site Safety Technicians control Confined Spaces or other tasks that require administration by competent safety persons. They are well versed in Confined Space requirements and hazards. They are responsible for ensuring everyone involved is trained and has relevant qualifications to carry out tasks. They ensure Permits, Hazard ID’s and JSA’s are all completed and are functioning correctly.
Project Safety Officers
Do you need assistance with your projects safety. Promed can assist you with solutions with short to long term Safety Personnel

Company Health and Safety training assessment

Company Health and Safety training assessments

Our experienced staff can come to your workplace to assess what your training requirements are.

Emergency Response Teams for Rescue and Extraction on Shutdowns etc.
On Site Team to manage any on site emergency or rescue until further help arrives. These are 4 man teams who carryout Confined Space Rescues and Rescues at Height. They bring all there own rescue gear and while on site will practice drills at possible rescue locations and include everyone who would be involved.
They are a pro-active team and are open to other duties they can perform to make your project a safe one.

Gate Security
Providing suitable people on Plant Gateways during Shutdowns and other projects assists with Emergency Evacuation processes, vehicle and bag checks and visitor inductions.

If you are involved in a business that is remote, has high risks associated with it and large numbers of contractors then you should be discussing with us how we can assist you with minimizing risk.

Be Pro-Active and make your company the safest it can be.

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