Workplace Drug & Alcohol

Do you want a safe workplace for your people? Maximise productivity, create a positive and nurturing culture.  We can give you the ability to screen your own people for drugs and alcohol.

Drugs change the way the body and the brain function. Sometimes the results are pleasant as in the case of prescription medications that are used to treat various conditions and diseases. However, sometimes, the results are monstrous and cause great harm to your body and well-being. But one thing remains the same: any addictive substance has the potential of changing your life-for good or for bad.

Problem drinking and drug taking at work covers any instance that impacts negatively on the workplace, even if it happens outside work hours and away from work. For example if a person turns up to work after an evening of heavy drinking and is unable to function properly they will have slower reaction times and impaired decision making. Take the risk out of your business and train today.

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Screening training

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Screening training

These unit standards are aimed at people who are required to understand and carry out the process of drug screening in the workplace. People credited with this unit standard are able to: perform quality control procedures and on-site urine sample collection and urine integrity and multidrug screening; and interpret urine on-site quality control tests, integrity screen and multidrug screen results, initiate follow-up action, and complete documentation.

NZQA Unit Standards: 25458 & 25511
Duration: 4 hours
$550.00 + GST per person